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Accounting is a field of study that has an important role in business activities. In the modern era like today, accounting has become a study program that is quite popular because of the extensive job opportunities and promising career prospects. The accounting study program teaches concepts and techniques for measuring, analyzing and reporting the finances of a company or organization. Not only that, UPJ accounting study program students will also learn an understanding of taxation and public compliance, good corporate governance, as well as environmental accounting and IT-based accounting.


We have a distinctive color that other Accounting Study Programs don't have

Develop excellence in the field of urban accounting that is environmentally sound, technology-based and based on entrepreneurial values

Profile of Our Graduates

  • Lulusan memiliki etika profesional, integritas, komit, adil,  dorongan  berprestasi, dan enterpreneurship sesuai dengan  kode etik akuntan  yang berlaku umum.
  • Lulusan memiliki kemampuan kerjasama, kepemimpinan, komunikasi, dan kolaborasi secara internal maupun eksternal.
  • Graduates have professional ethics, integrity, commitment, fairness, a drive for achievement, and entrepreneurship in accordance with the generally accepted code of ethics for accountants.
  • Graduates have cooperation, leadership, communication and collaboration skills both internally and externally.

What to Learn

In the Accounting Study Program, students study all the subjects needed to be ready to enter the accounting profession:

  • In-depth theoretical concepts regarding the framework for presentation and preparation of financial statements based on applicable accounting standards.
  • Theoretical concepts in interpreting the results of financial statement analysis as the basis for corporate policy-making.
  • Financial management techniques encompass financial decision-making, time value of money, capital budgeting, capital structure, cost of capital and financing, working capital needs, and cash flow analysis.
  • Fundamental concepts and the process of preparing financial statements for the public sector.
  • Concepts related to the Audit Cycle, including the identification and analysis of audit opinions on company financial statements.

Future Career

Here are some career options and job prospects for Accounting graduates: 

  • Financial and Management Accountant
  • Internal & External Auditor
  • Tax Consultant
  • Accounting Information Systems Analyst
  • Business Analyst and Financial Planner

Alumni Stories


Gaudensia Catherine, S.Ak Accounting, Class of 2015, Auditor at Grant Thornton Indonesia.


Malva Marcella Sitorus Internal Auditor - PT Erajaya Swasembada Tbk


Fenny Julianty & Novita Accounting Staff - PT Jaya Real Property & Finance Business Partner Staff - The Body Shop Indonesia